Womens Kickboxing


Combining kickboxing techniques, hear-pumping cardio and core strengthening exercises, this ladies only workout is guaranteed to burn calories, fat and tones your entire body.

It is a fast paced class involving circuit training warm ups, focus pad and bag work drills and focuses on specific combinations to improve your technique. It targets your arms, shoulders, abs, thighs and butt in one workout and the intense physical exercise is also an amazing stress release.

The class is fun and a great way to boost self confidence, meet new people and improve your overall fitness level and wellbeing.

Women's Kickboxing
Women's Kickboxing
Women's Kickboxing
Women's Kickboxing

I moved in to kickboxing because I’d hit a glass ceiling in the sport I was doing. I’ve done the ladies class at TMAS for 16 years now and there is no glass ceiling. I started (nervously!) not really knowing what lay ahead – I had no ambitions to achieve grades, but the coaching is exciting and encouraging and within 6 years I had my black belt (not so nervous of much now!).

You don’t have to take the grading’s, although the skills that come with each one of them are trophies in themselves. Everyone is supportive of your training reasons and will develop you accordingly. There’s a gym, PT sessions and a host of other classes available (I supplement my kickboxing training with the Strength and Conditioning circuits). Every session feels different, the workouts feel as tough as they did that first class because of the way the coaches adapt their teaching and take a genuine interest in your progress.

That’s not all that keeps me at TMAS though. There’s a strong family atmosphere, a sense of welcoming and of being valued. And what is noticeable is that everyone is always smiling and laughing with you, from the reception team through to the coaches you don’t even train with. I have made some life long friends through TMAS, and it’s lovely to see new starters who I know will do the same too. As long as my aging bones will allow me, I’ll continue my glass ceiling search at a centre that I know will keep moving it.

Judith Raine


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